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Ex Umbra Character Profiles.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 12:01 PM
Charlotte Stone (O'Dorchaidhe)

Charlotte Stone (O'Dorchaidhe) is the main female character in the book. She's 20 years old and kinda of in between things right now. Unsure what she wants to go to school for and trying desperately to get a job. Though living a normal life is hard when you can see creatures others can't. When the Elden start taking a special interest in her things go from bad to worse, especially when she gets a royal visit.

King Emrys

Emrys (Em-riss) is the High King of the Elden. For years he's been searching for a way to help his people survive the new times. With the advancement of humans over the years the Elden have less safe places to cross from their world into ours. He will stop at nothing to keep his people from dieing even at the cost of countless human lives through out the years. Though one of his seers has come to him with a prophecy, a child with the sight, born of Elden and human blood is the key.

Eamonn & Neala

Eamonn (aim-an) & Neala (Nee-la) are twins. They are sent by Emrys to watch over Charlotte. They are mischievous and tend to get themselves in trouble a lot. You can hear them finishing each other sentences all the time.

I'll be adding more to this journal as I work out all the details for the characters. Keep checking back so you can get to know everyone.


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Tell it:First of all, my name is Chelsea.
Remember it, and no, not because you'll be screaming it later.

I was brought into this world on September 12, 1991
My Parents names are Lisa and Timothy

My eyes are a weird color, My right one is a semi-dark blue
While my left is this green/yellow mixture
I have natural brown hair.
I'm not into the latest fashion trends.
I wear whatever I feel like wearing.

During the 20 years that I've been alive I've learned...
You can't always have what you want.
Relationships are confusing as hell.
..Never.. trust people 100%.

I've had some hard times
but I've gotten through them with the help
of friends and family

I'm obsessed with music
I listen to something everyday
and it's usually never the same genre

I like things that are unique,
or things most people don't believe in.

My favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas
Not because it's the latest trend, amongst "emokids"
I liked it long before that

I love old horror movies
my favorite ones are
A Nightmare on Elm Street

I'm a pretty lazy person, and very laid-back.
I sleep more than a cat.
I'm always on the computer, and always reading.
I'm a HUGE bookworm.
I can read a 300 page book in 2 days

I love to write
It's one of the things
that keeps me sane

I love watching sports
even though I may not know much about it
I love to watch the superbowl with my dad

I'm not that tough.
My room is horribly messy.
I cry easily
I hate feet.
I have a thing for horror movie villains
I bit my lip
I used to wish I'd be bit by a vampire.
I have major stage fright.
I have the imagination of a 5 year old
I love to make faces in the mirror.
I can eat a lemon without making a face.

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